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Google Search Console (GSC) is highly valuable and complex tool used to analyze the performance of websites and a way to interact with Google in certain limited ways, such as submitting your site and Google XML Sitemaps, etc., to help Google learn about your content and index it properly.

Coverage issue reporting is relatively new, and Google can be overly zealous in reporting issues at times.  Most of the issues reported we have found are not necessarily new, important or even significant errors.

Often website owners never had GSC associated with their website before and this is new to them.  At SERPCOM we connect all the websites we build to Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Usually it involves only one or two pages among all the pages or posts on your site.

To learn more you can click on "Fix Coverage Issues" and often the issue can be easily understood.

Note: You must be logged into the G-Mail account that is associated with the GSC account and you must have permissions to access this tool.

Often these errors involve issues with a previous website or an old bad post or page that Google just happened to crawl again recently and is not really "new".  Generally is a very minor issue.

Warning: Making changes in GSC without fully understanding the platform may adversely harm the way Google indexes your site.

However, if you suspect it's not, or want to learn more from us, simply forward the email to

Or fill out a New Support Ticket or email