Most login issues can be resolved easily.

Login URL:

Be sure to use the correct login URL.  We use a special login URL to login to our network.   Do not use the standard WordPress login format such as [yourdomain]/wp-admin.  You login to the network, not your site. For example a login URL looks something like this:  seo1.serpcom.com.

Logging into WordPress may involve a cookie conflict:

This happens often with new websites, It may also involve your IP address.

Getting Locked out of your network or your site:

Attempting to login unsuccessfully more that 4 times will get you locked out, if you can't login don't keep trying to guess your password.  Try resetting your password or fill out a ticket to have your password reset.

You will have to submit a ticket with your local IP address to get back in.

To resolve cookie conflict and login issues do the following:

  1. Save any work you are doing and close all apps.

  2. Follow the instructions here to clear your cookies:

  3. Clear your browser cache.  If you don't know how, here is a link:

  4. Close your browser and quit all applications and close any open windows.

  5. Completely shut down your device, not sleep or restart, shutdown.

  6. Wait 5 minutes and turn on your device and try again

If, after doing the above, and you are still unsuccessful please do the following:

  1. Reply in the ticket with your local IP address, to find it go to https://ipchicken.com and copy and paste the big blue number at the top carefully. Respond in the ticket with that IP address.

  2. Reply in the ticket with the URL where you attempted to login and the username you were using.